Team/Players Terms & Conditions:

Players & Payments:

All players must check in and pay before or after their game (teams fees must be paid on the night)

If a team requires a fill in at all, the team is required to organize the fee with the fill in player.

Any outstanding fees for the season must be paid by the team and finalized before finals.

Teams can pay for the season upfront; a 10% discount applies and must be paid by week 3.

All players are to respect the umpires and all calls are final. Any players found to be disrespectful towards umpires or other players will face further action.


Forfeiting a game is a last resort and we are always here to help with game times or players if needed.

Should a team forfeit a fee equal to the game fee will be charged if we have not received notice by 2pm the day before your game.

If a team does not show up for a game and has not given notice, they will be charged a fee of 2x the game fee of that sport.


Grading & Draws:

All teams are graded as fare and evenly as possible, however there are always occasional teams that cannot fit into the perfect grade and will be allocated to the most appropriate grade available.

It is the players/team’s responsibility to check the draw each week for game times. Your team will be notified if there are changes made to the draw and it affects you.

Teams may be moved to different grades throughout the season if required.

Game Times:

Games times will vary from week to week including early game times and late game times. We rotate this as fair as possible for all teams. Please see management if your team is unable to play at a certain time and an agreement can be reached.



Season fees must be up to date to qualify for finals.

Players must play at least 4 games for a team and be marked on the sheet to qualify.

Players can only play for 1 team in each division for finals.

All teams accept our terms and conditions when entering a team and playing in our competition.