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Beach and Volleyball just go together, so why not come down and play at Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports. We offer social and competitive Beach Volleyball, Social mixed 4’s is played on Monday nights and our competitive Open 4’s is played on Tuesday nights. Teams are to play with 4 players on each side, *Teams can take the field with a minimum of 3 players*

Game Duration

Games commence every 45 minutes back to back.

Game Days

Monday & Tuesday


Fees: $56 per team/per game

Game Times/ Duration

6pm, 6:45pm, 7:30pm & 8:15pm

Games are 3 x 12-minutes sets, with a minute break in-between. Best out of 3 sets, if a team wins the first 2 sets the third is still played. All Teams/players must arrive with enough time to pay before game and be ready to go.

*Note, all teams will be rotated game times so that it is fair, if any teams have issues, please let management know.


We offer 3 seasons a year and are 16 weeks long. Semifinals occur on the 16th week and Grand finals are played on the first week of the new season

If any teams can’t make certain weeks, please let management know and we can schedule a bye for you.

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