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Go to the top of the home page to the register bar and get your team in, the cost is only $50 per team per week. Each team consists of 5 players on the field and up to 5 reserves. Dodgeball is ON a Friday night.


Dodgeball is a fun and enjoyable game that has taken the Sunshine Coast by storm. The object of the game is to hit the other team members with the ball so that your team is the last standing. As the saying goes ïf you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball". Get you team together now as spots are filling up fast, call the Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports for more details on 54791913

The rules of Dodgeball are very simple knock the other team out before they knock you out. The game starts will 5 players on either side and on the referee's whistle three(3) players run up and get three (3) balls, there is six (6) balls in play then. The teams then run back to the attck line and start to try and hit the other team with the balls. Any hit above the shoulders doesn't couont and it is play on, but if the play ducks into it and he or she gets hit in the head then they are OUT. Each set runs for three (3) minutes or until the other team is out, the total game goes for thirty minutes (30). The players must stay between the attack line and the base line during play. If after the three (3) minute set is up and both teams have the same number of players it is a draw, if one team has more players left then they win the set. A player can retrieve aball between the centre line and their attack line and while doing so can not be hit, they can only be hit once they have returned behind the attack line. THE BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF DODGEBALL IS PLAYER HONESTY, IF YOU GET HIT AND YOU KNOW IT STEP OUT OF THE GAME.