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Register you team today to play on a Wednesday or Friday night, the cost is $30 per team or we can pair you up with someone if you don't have a partner.


Beach Tennis is a fun new sportwhich mixes Tennis, Badmiton and Beach Volleyball all into one. We are having an open day on Firday the 5th of October with the founder of BEach Tennis Australia, so come on down and have a go. For more information please call the Centre on 54791913

Rule 1. Court Area The playing area must be 16m lengths and 8m widths, at right angles. (Beach Volleyball) The playing area is divided into 2 parts by a net. The net at which stands at 1.70m at the middle. Singles court area is 4.5 metre by 8 metre per side. The line is a part of the court. Any part of the body touching the line whilst serving is a foot fault. Rule 2. The Ball The ball is similar to the one used in court tennis, but have specialised low compression. Rule 3. Server and Returnee Players must be opposite each other: the player who starts the point Is deemed the server and the other, the returnee. When playing Mixed Doubles, male servers must serve under hand. Rule 4. Toss The side or right of serve is determined prior to the game start. The player, who wins the toss, may serve, receive or nominate the opponent chose. Each new server is allowed a practice serve, but must notify his or her opponent. Rule 5. The Serve Must be done outside the court area, and should the server infringe, loss of point is the result. Only one serve per attempt. This can be done overhand or underhand. Rule 6. Service Fault A fault occurs if the server misses whilst attempting to hit or the ball hit a furnishing or fixture i.e. Net post. If the server invades the court prior to contact, a fault is also the result. Rule 7. When Serving If a ball makes contact with the net, it is a "live" ball. Matches can be played without a referee.” Rule 8. Service Order The service is the same as lawn tennis, with a player serving out the duration 2 of the game; the serve will alternate, following a pre-established order of serve. E.g.: especially in Doubles. Rule 9. Change of Ends Will occur when the score is at odd number of games or at the end of a set. Rule 10. How to determine points. A ball is sent outside the playing area after contact. If a player does something to distract the opposition players on purpose, whilst they are attempting a shot. (Gamesmanship). The reply is effective, should the ball hit the net and land in the opposite playing area. to reply whilst invading the opponent’s court. The game is Aerial; the ball is always played on the volley! Game Score is the same as Lawn Tennis. No Advantage, sudden death at deuce. Rule 11. Official Decisions In a match where a referee is present, his/her decisions are definitive. A ball CANNOT contact court fixtures, namely the post and rebound into court. (This rule is the same as beach volleyball, and is unlike tennis) Rule 12. Duration of Match Can be varied, depending on program, but competition play will be a 7 up set, Tiebreak at 6 all. E.g.: 7/6 wins set. E.g. If you play up to 6, tiebreak at 5-5. Players change ends after 4 points in Tiebreak, TB played as per tennis to 7 points. Doubles can be played to 9 games, tiebreak at 8-8, as in World Championships. Rule 13. Racquets Only Authorised equipment can be used at competition or tournament play. Racquets must adhere to the regulation lengths and widths. Beach Tennis Australia reserves the right to uphold the integrity of the game and the equipment within it. We are all custodians of the game and it is in the best interest of beach tennis to deliver and play with the utmost integrity and passion. This will ensure the sports future and growth on a global scale and all who participate, will have a great understanding.